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Control valve to the direction of intelligent development.
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Control valve to the direction of intelligent development.

Control valve intelligence and standardization has been mentioned on the agenda, the intelligent use of intelligent valve Locator, intelligent performance in the following areas.

(1) The control Valve's self-diagnosis, the running state long-distance communication and so on intelligent function, causes the control valve the management gate valve diagnosis to be easy, also reduced to the maintenance personnel skill request. 

(2) Intelligent valve Controller.

Intelligent Valve Locator has all the functions of valve positioner, at the same time can change the dynamic and static characteristics of valve, improve control valve control accuracy, therefore, the intelligent valve positioner will become an important control valve in the next period of time the auxiliary equipment is widely used. 

(3) Digital communication. The digital communication will be widely used in the control valve by the plug valve, based on the Hart Communication protocol, the valve positioner of some control valves will be the input signal and the valve position signal in the same transmission line; On the basis of Fieldbus technology, control valve and valve positioner, PID control function Gate valve enables the control function to be realized at the field level, so that the danger is dispersed, Make the control more timely and more rapid.