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How to Deal with Loopholes in PVC Sewage Pipes?
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The loophole handling method of PVC sewage pipe is as follows:

1. The adhesive interface is slightly leaky: the treatment of leakage at the adhesive bond can be repaired by adhesive trapping method. This method must first drain the water in the pvc pipe and make a negative pressure in the pvc pipe, and then inject the adhesive into the gap of the leaking part. Due to the negative pressure inside the pvc pipe, the adhesive is sucked into the gap and reaches the end. The purpose of the leak.

2. Adhesive flange leakage: drain the water and remove the gate valve. Wipe the joint between the socket end of the pvc pipe and the flange joint and brush with the adhesive.

3. The pvc pipe is damaged or cracked due to external force, and the surrounding physical properties are unchanged. It can also be treated by bonding method (patching). The method is as follows: draining the pipeline water, and brushing the surface of the damaged part of the pipeline; cutting a section of the same diameter pipe, taking half of it (covering area is larger than the damaged part), wiping the inside of the selected piece to clean the hair, in the damaged part of the pipe Surface and selected repair tube.