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How to Repair PVC Pipe Damage
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Internal compensation method:

1. Prepare some tailings of the PVC water pipe, cut it into fine particles with a saw blade, and then dissolve it into PVC glue for about one hour, so that the glue becomes viscous and small particles can leak hole.

2. Find a way to clean up the leaking part. You can use a wire to wrap some waste cloth, and if necessary, blow it with a hot air cylinder.

3. Pour the glue into the leak hole. If the leak hole is large, the glue should be divided into several times. Each time you need to blow with the air tube (pay attention to the temperature, too high for the fire), so that the glue is continuous. Dry, constantly shrink the leak until it is completely blocked.

External complement method:

Prepare some packaging materials (which can be seen), they are usually made of PVC material.

1. Clean the leaked part with a saw blade and make it hairy.

2. After the PVC glue is applied to the water leakage part and the PVC material, dry it and stick it!