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Key Product of PPR Antibacterial Pipe Fittings
- Aug 09, 2018 -

In the last article, we introduced the PPR antibacterial pipe, now we will let you see what special products are in this series.


Feature of PPR Antibacterial Pipe:

1. Curved design, 30% increase in water flow.

2. Straight is the competition of strength, the curve is a technical contest.

3. Large diameter, large flow, no scaling, safer.

PPR Bend Tee


Application field: Vertical pipe branch for splitting into two.

Full Diameter Stop Valve


Application field: Used to cut or regulate water and throttling.

Bend Elbow


Application field: Used for pipe turning at a certain angle.

PPR Antibacterial Pipe


Application field: Widely used in various home improvement pipeline water supply systems.


Do you want to get more?

We will update in the next article, and attach the actual picture of the decoration.