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PE Pipe Fittings' Common Quality Problems and Solutions
- Dec 21, 2018 -

1.PE water supply pipe surface ripple

Cause: The size of the seal is not suitable during production, and the vibration is caused to cause ripples on the surface. There is also a case where the cooling is insufficient.

Solution: Check the size of the vacuum groove seal. If it is small, replace or properly reduce the vacuum of the first vacuum chamber and increase the vacuum of the second section. Increase the sizing sleeve inlet or increase the distance between the die and the sizing sleeve.

2. Pitting on the inner wall surface

Cause: The inner wall between the die and the mandrel is not cleaned, the aging caused by excessive local temperature during production, or the impurities in the raw material.

Solution: Check whether the raw materials are clean before production. If it is not clean, it must be cleaned and the temperature sensor should be checked regularly.

3. The surface is not smooth

Cause: The melt temperature is not suitable or the raw material is defective.

Solution: Adjust the melt temperature or replace the raw materials before production.

4. The outer surface is scratched

Causes: Sandstone is attached to the sizing sleeve, support plate or seal.

Solution: Regularly clean the sizing sleeve, support plate or seal.

5. Inner wall groove (more appear in wall thickness pipe)

Cause: The wall thickness is too thick, and the melt is difficult to cool, resulting in flow.

Solution: Try the central cooling system to reduce the temperature of the die and mandrel.

6. Uneven wall thickness


1) The die or core mold bolt is loose, and the die gap adjustment is not suitable;

2) The temperature of the die or mandrel is not uniform, resulting in inconsistent flow;

3) The sizing sleeve is misaligned with the mouth, the spiral splitter or the screen is clogged.

The solution:

1) tighten the bolt or adjust the gap of the mouth;

2) Check the heating coil and temperature sensor;

3) Adjust the sizing sleeve and the die to split the split shuttle or screen.