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PPR Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Remind You to Identify the Quality of the Pipe is very Important
- Dec 17, 2018 -

PPR Pipe Fittings

Select the logo: See if the brand has the honorary titles of “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand Product”. These honors are the comprehensive evaluation of the brand reputation and quality of the country and must be strictly reviewed before they can be obtained. . Companies with these titles cherish these honours and are more secure in terms of product quality.

Look at the pipe: the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe should be smooth and flat, without surface defects such as dents and bubbles, so as to ensure smooth water flow and no scale.

Look at the pipe fittings: In addition to ensuring the quality of the products, the brand with good quality pays particular attention to the details. When purchasing, consumers can pay attention to whether the elbows of the pipe fittings are designed with large arc bending to reduce the formation of water hammer. Is there a 45-degree chamfering design to facilitate welding? .

Look at the service: general large brand pipe has a perfect after-sales service to protect the interests of consumers, good service brands are usually equipped with product service cards. From a certain point of view, the better the after-sales service, the better the quality, otherwise the after-sales service will be very troublesome.

Smell the taste: When purchasing the pipe, you can take the same brand of pipe fittings (you must pick a whole package of unopened pipe fittings), tear open the plastic bag and smell it. If there is a slight pungent smell, you can't buy it. Because the real PPR pipe, pipe raw material - polypropylene is non-toxic and tasteless; and the quality of the pipe fittings will use polypropylene recycling scraps, and even blended with polyethylene and talcum powder, the quality of such products is unreliable.