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The Difference Between Cold Water Pipe and Hot Water Pipe
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The difference between cold water pipe and hot water pipe

1, the difference between materials

Although the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe are the water pipe pipes that are used in the home, the production materials of the two water pipes are different because the environment and temperature of the two are different. The production material used to make the hot water pipe must be a copolymerized PP-R, and the production material used to manufacture the cold water pipe is mostly homopolymerized PP-B.

2, the difference between the use of the environment

The hot water pipe made of PP-R material has better stability and mechanical properties under high temperature conditions, but it is brittle under low temperature conditions and has a high probability of damage. The cold water pipe made of PP-B material has very good toughness under low temperature conditions, but if the load heat distortion temperature is low; when used under high temperature conditions, it is easy to deform and the strength is greatly reduced.

3, the difference in strength

Because the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe are different in material, their strength is also different. The hot water pipe can be cracked with a hammer, but the cold water pipe may only become white due to the force, and the top is flat and will not crack. Of course, this does not include some merchants mixing a lot of limestone powder during production in order to reduce the cost, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the water pipe, so that even the cold water pipe can be cracked with a hammer.

4, the difference in performance

When the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe are of the same specification and the wall thickness is the same, how do you distinguish between the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe? The normal cold water pipe has a lower memory water than the freezing point, and can be naturally thawed in the case of ice cold. But can't beat or bake. Therefore, in order to avoid cracking and cracking of the water pipe, under normal circumstances, the exposure of the water pipe should be avoided as much as possible so as not to affect the service life of the water pipe. And in the design process, you also need to make the most of the performance of the pipeline. 5, the difference in price

Since the pressure requirements of the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe are different when used, the wall thicknesses of the two water pipes are also different; likewise, the price varies depending on the wall thickness of the two water pipes. The hot water pipe is thicker than the pipe wall of the cold water pipe, so the price is relatively higher.