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The Features of PE-RT Polyethylene Pipe
- Sep 21, 2018 -

PE-RT polyethylene pipe features:

1. Softness: Because PE-RT is softer. Therefore, no special tools are needed for construction, so the construction cost is relatively low.

2. Thermal conductivity: The pipe used for floor heating needs good thermal conductivity. PE-RT has good thermal conductivity and its thermal conductivity is twice that of PP-R and PP-B pipes. Ideal for floor heating.

3, high temperature resistance: PE-RT high temperature can reach 60 ° C, and PEX can reach 95 ° C.

4, low temperature thermal shock resistance: PE--RT's low temperature impact resistance is better. The pipe is not easily damaged by impact during construction in winter, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangements.

5. Environmental protection: PE-RT and PP-R can be recycled and used without polluting the environment. And PEX can not be recycled to produce secondary pollution;

6, processing performance stability: PEX has the problem of controlling the degree of crosslinking and cross-linking uniformity, processing is complex and processing directly affects the performance of the pipe.

The PE-RT is easy to process, and the performance of the pipe is basically determined by the raw materials, and the performance is relatively stable. PE-RT is short for Polyethylene Raised Temperature. It is a medium density ethylene-octene copolymer specially designed for heating systems. It is a copolymer of ethylene monomer and 1-octene monomer. It has a narrow molecular weight distribution. The special molecular structure of octene uniformly distributed on the polymer main chain, which not only retains the original hygienic properties and processing properties of PE, but also strengthens a new type of special material for high temperature durability. The pipe produced from this raw material is mainly used in the field of hot water/heating pipes in buildings. Its durability can be the same as that of buildings, with a minimum of 50 years, and also has good recovery and high added value.