CPVC Ball Valve ASTM D2846

CPVC Compact Ball Valve Specification of CPVC Compact Ball Valve Name: CPVC Cts Ball Valve (SOCKET x SOCKET) Size: 1/2"-2" Standard : ASTM D2846 BodyMaterial:CPVC Product No: G15 Body Color: Cream Brand:TY/OEM WorkingPressure: PN10 Connection: Socket Benefits of CPVC Compact Ball Valve...

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CPVC Ball Valve ASTM D2846

Specification of  CPVC Ball Valve ASTM D2846

Name: CPVC Cts Ball Valve (SOCKET x SOCKET)

Product No: G15

Standard : ASTM D2846

Temperature: 110℃ / 230F

Pressure: PN25

Body Material: CPVC

Handle Material: ABS

O-Ring: NBR / EPDM

Structure: Ball

Size: 1/2''-2''

Certification: NSF, CE, ISO

Brand: TY / OEM  

Benefits of  CPVC  Compact  Ball  Valve

CPVC Compact ball valves (regular style), socket ends; FKM elastomer

CPVC piping is suitable for hot water distribution as high as 180 Fahrenheit; PVC piping is ideal for use with temperatures up to 140 Fahrenheit

Sch 80 and Sch 40 have different inside/outside diameters for each unit size; the same is true with CPVC versus PVC; adapters allow interconnectivity

Description of  CPVC  Compact  Ball  Valve

Compact CPVC ball valve with tube size ends. Large port allows maximum flow and minimum pressure drop or turbulence. Suitable for hot or cold water systems.

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