PPR Union Fitting

Tianyan ppr pipe fitting union Specification of Tianyan ppr pipe fitting union Description:PP-R UNION Product No: B19 Standard : DIN8077/8078 Body Material: PPR Size: 20mm-63mm Body Color: Green Connection: Socket Brand: TY/OEM Benefits of Tianyan ppr pipe fitting union 1, High Temperature...

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Tianyan PPR Union Fitting

Specification of Tianyan PPR Union Fitting

Description:PP-R Union

Product No: B19

Standard : DIN8077 / DIN8078

Temperature: -5℃-95℃ / 23F-203F

Pressure: PN25

Body Material: PPR

Size: 20mm-63mm

Body Color: Green

Shape: Equal

Connection: Female

Technics: Injection

Certification: CE, ISO

Brand: TY / OEM  

Benefits of Tianyan ppr pipe fitting union

1, High Temperature Resistance: the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius, the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Degrees Celsius.

2, Heat insulation and Saving Energy: low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe, and 1/250 of steel pipe.
Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives would not be covered with dirty or contaminated by bacterium.
3, Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion.
4, Lower Installation Costs: light weight and good hot-melt performance can reduce installation costs by as much as 50% over metal piping system.
5, Higher Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal pipes.
6, Long Life: more than 50 years under normal conditions.
7, Recycled and Environment-friendly.


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